Want Greater Control of Your Investments?

Become a Verified
Accredited Investor

Leverage your financial and professional expertise to access high-risk,
high-yield investment opportunities outside the public securities market.

Do you meet the criteria for accredited investments and have an immediate interest in sourcing unregistered securities for your portfolio?

If so, Investor Certified’s advisory team can walk you through the process and roadmap your eligibility for your target commercial real estate venture.

What Do You Need to Become an Accredited Investor?

While businesses may set specific criteria when scouting potential investors, the SEC delivers general guidelines for individuals wishing to qualify. There are two sets of criteria (financial and professional), and persons should satisfy at least one of the conditions to participate in unregistered investment activity without restriction.

$1,000,000+ Net Worth

Have a net worth of over $1 million, excluding the value of your primary residence

Over $200,000+ Yearly Income

Have an individual income of over $200,000, or a joint income of over $300,000 for the last two years that will be maintained in the current year

Experienced Investment Professional

Be an investment professional in good standing with recognized credentials

Director Role

Be a director, executive officer, or general partner of the company selling securities.

Family Client or Office

Be a family client or office that qualifies as an accredited investor.

Industry Knowledge

Be a knowledgeable employee of the fund’s investments if it is private.

If you’re part of an entity, your investments/assets should be valued at over $5 million.

What Benefits Do Accredited Investors Get?

The greatest benefit of being an accredited investor is to get in on the ground floor of riskier investments that could also carry huge returns. You have the option to diversify your portfolio far beyond that of the average investor with exclusive angel investments, hedge funds, cryptocurrency-focused projects, and more.

Why Investor Certified?

There are multiple channels to being verified as an accredited investor, including income verification, net worth verification, and third-party verification. Once we’ve had a chance to discuss your investment goals and current position, our team will select the most appropriate channel to help you secure greater freedom of investment.
We also lend our expertise to helping clients assess risks and perform due diligence where necessary.